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Volume 27

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Aquatic Mammals, 27(1), 1-10; see also erratum: Aquatic Mammals, 27(2), 199
Site fidelity and behaviour of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Cardigan Bay, Wales
Authors: Bristow, T., & Rees, E. I. S.

Aquatic Mammals27(1), 11-15
A new VHF tag and attachment technique for small cetaceans
Authors: Chilvers, L. B., Corkeron, P. J., Blanshard, W. H., Long, T. R., & Martin, A. R.

Aquatic Mammals27(1), 16-23
Husbandry and research training of two Florida manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris)
Authors: Colbert, D. E., Fellner, W., Bauer, G. B., Manire, C. A., & Rhinehart, H. L.

Aquatic Mammals27(1), 24-28
Stomach contents of delphinids from Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil
Authors: Di Beneditto, A. P. M., Ramos, R. M. A., Siciliano, S., dos Santos, R. A., Bastos, G., & Fagundes-Neto, E.

Aquatic Mammals27(1), 29-33
Observations of rest behaviours in captive bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)
Authors: Gnone, G., Benoldi, C., Bonsignori, B., & Fognani, P.

Aquatic Mammals27(1), 34-44
Sound production of a neonate bottlenose dolphin
Authors: Killebrew, D. A., Mercado III, E., Herman, L. M., & Pack, A. A.

Aquatic Mammals27(1), 45-49
Feasibility of using photo-identification techniques to study the Irrawaddy dolphin, Orcaella brevirostris (Owen in Gray 1866)
Authors: Parra, G. J., & Corkeron, P. J.

Aquatic Mammals27(1), 50-55
Plasma testosterone concentrations in captive male harp seals (Pagophilus groenlandicus)
Author: Serrano, A.

Aquatic Mammals27(1), 56-66
The acoustic predation hypothesis: Linking underwater observations and recordings during odontocete predation and observing the effects of loud impulsive sounds on fish
Authors: Marten, K., Herzing, D., Poole, M., & Newman Allman, K.

Aquatic Mammals27(1), 67-69
Book Review: The Bottlenose Dolphin  – Biology and Conservation
Authors: dos Santos, M.E.

Aquatic Mammals27(1), 70-71
Book Review: Biology of Marine Mammals
Authors: Vieregg, M.

Aquatic Mammals27(2), 73-81
Comparative histopathology of lungs from by-caught Atlantic white-sided dolphins (Leucopleurus acutus)
Authors: Knieriem, A. & Hartmann, M. G.

Aquatic Mammals27(2), 82-91
A bandpass filter-bank model of auditory sensitivity in the humpback whale
Authors: Houser, D. S., Helweg, D. A., & Moore, P. W. B.

Aquatic Mammals27(2), 92-104
Modeling female haul-out southern elephant seals (Mirounga leonina)
Authors: Galimberti, F., & Sanvito, S.

Aquatic Mammals27(2), 105-113
Behaviour patterns of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) relative to tidal state, time of day, and boat traffic in Cardigan Bay, West Wales
Authors: Gregory, P. R., & Rowden, A. A.

Aquatic Mammals27(2), 115-120
Shore-based monitoring of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) by trained volunteers in Cardigan Bay, Wales
Authors: Bristow, T., Glanville, N., & Hopkins, J.

Aquatic Mammals27(2), 121-136
The activity budget of free-ranging common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) in the northwestern Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Author: Neumann, D. R.

Aquatic Mammals27(2), 137-139
First report of a minke whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata Lacepede 1804) in Hellenic waters
Authors: Verriopoulou, A. Tounta, E., & Dendrinos, P.

Aquatic Mammals27(2), 140-148
Impact of small boats on haulout activity of harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) in Métis Bay, Saint Lawrence Esturary, Québec, Canada
Authors: Henry, E., & Hammill, M. O.

Aquatic Mammals27(2), 149-153
Occurrence of Hector’s beaked whale, Mesoplodon hectori, in Southern Brazil
Authors: Zerbini, A. N., & Secchi, E. R.

Aquatic Mammals27(2), 154-161
Seasonal distribution of killer whales (Orcinus orca) in Northern Patagonia, Argentina
Author: Iñíguez, M. A.

Aquatic Mammals27(2), 162-171
Rescue and release of mass stranded cetaceans from beaches on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA; 1990-1999: A review of some response actions
Authors: Wiley, D. N., Earl, G., Mayo, C. A., & Moore, M. J.

Aquatic Mammals27(2), 172-182
Pacific white-sided dolphins (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens) with anomalous colour patterns in Volcano Bay, Hokkaido, Japan
Authors: Tsutsui, S., Tanaka, M., Miyazaki, N., & Furuya, T.

Aquatic Mammals27(2), 183-195
A guide to pronunciation and meaning of cetacean taxonomic names
Authors: Ranneft, D. M., Eaker, H., & Davis, R. W.

Aquatic Mammals27(2), 196-198
Authors: Vieregg, M.

Aquatic Mammals
27(2), 199
Erratum: Bristow, T. & Rees, E. I. S. (2001); Figure 6

Aquatic Mammals27(3), 200-202
Author: Busch, A.A.

Aquatic Mammals27(3), 203-208
Introduction and background to the collected papers on the rescue, rehabilitation, and scientific studies of JJ, an orphaned California gray whale calf
Author: Stewart, B. S.

Aquatic Mammals27(3), 209-211
Corporate response and facilitation of the rehabilitation of a California gray whale calf
Authors: Andrews, B., Davis, W., & Parham, D.

Aquatic Mammals27(3), 212-214
Rescue of an orphaned gray whale calf
Authors: Heyning, J. E., & Heyning, C. A.

Aquatic Mammals27(3), 215-221
Medical and nutritional aspects of a rehabilitating California gray whale calf
Authors: Reidarson, T. H., McBain, J. F., & Yochem, P. K.

Aquatic Mammals27(3), 222-227
Husbandry and hand-rearing of a rehabilitating California gray whale calf
Authors: Bruehler, G. L., DiRocco, S., Ryan, T., & Robinson, K.

Aquatic Mammals27(3), 228-230
Logistics of maintenance, rehabilitation and return to the Pacific Ocean of a California gray whale calf
Author: Antrim, J.

Aquatic Mammals27(3), 231-233
Growth of two captive gray whale calves
Authors: Sumich, J. L., Goff, T., & Perryman, W. L.

Aquatic Mammals27(3), 234-238
Growth of baleen of a rehabilitating gray whale calf
Author: Sumich, J. L.

Aquatic Mammals27(3), 239-255
Development of behavior and sound repetoire of a rehabilitating gray whale calf
Authors: Wisdom, S., Bowles, A. E., & Anderson, K. E.

Aquatic Mammals27(3), 256-266
Resting behavior in a rehabilitating gray whale calf
Authors: Lyamin, O. I.,  Mukhametov, L. M.,  Siegel, J. M., Manger, P. R., & Shpak, O. V.

Aquatic Mammals27(3), 267-276
Assessing hearing and sound production in cetaceans not available for behavioral audiograms: Experiences with sperm, pygmy sperm, and gray whales
Authors: Ridgway, S. H., & Carder, D. A.

Aquatic Mammals27(3), 279-283
Direct and indirect measures of oxygen extraction, tidal lung volumes and respiratory rates in a rehabilitating gray whale calf
Author: Sumich, J. L.

Aquatic Mammals, 27(3), 284-288
Thermoregulation in feeding baleen whales: Morphological and physiological evidence
Author: Heyning, J. E.

Aquatic Mammals27(3), 289-293
Training California sea lions to record whale behavior using a rehabilitating California gray whale calf
Authors: Harvey, J.,  Hurley, J., & Skrovan, S.

Aquatic Mammals27(3), 294-300
Post-release monitoring and tracking of a rehabilitated California gray whale
Authors: Stewart, B. S., Harvey, J., & Yochem, P. K.

Aquatic Mammals27(3), 301-305
Facilitation of post-release, long-term recognition of a rehabilitated gray whale calf: Pigmentation and scar patterns of JJ
Author: Stewart, B. S.