June 24, 2024

Issue 3



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Aquatic Mammals16(3), 89-91
Editoral, News and Views
Author: Manton, V. J. A.

Aquatic Mammals16(3), 92
Book Review: Biology of Genus Cephalorhynchus
Author: Nachtigall, P. E.

Aquatic Mammals16(3), 92-93
Book Review: Marine Mammal Research and Conservation in Sri Lanka, 1985-1986
Author: van der Toorn, J. D.

Aquatic Mammals16(3), 93-94
Book Review: Animal Sonar Processes and Performance
Author: Goodson, D.

Aquatic Mammals16(3), 94-95
Book Review: A colour atlas of dangerous marine animals
Author: Taylor, D. C.

Aquatic Mammals16(3), 96-100
The pineal organ (Epiphysis cerebri) of the harbour porpoise Phocoena phocoena (Linné, 1758)
Author: Behrmann, G.

Aquatic Mammals16(3), 101-119
The anatomy of the Walrus head (Odobenus rosmarus). Part 1: The skull
Authors: Kastelein, R. A., & Gerrits, N. M.

Aquatic Mammals16(3), 120-128
The suckling period of a grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) while confined to an outdoor land area
Authors: Kastelein, R. A., & Wiepkema, P. R.

Aquatic Mammals16(3), 129-133
Ultrastructural aspects of captive hooded seal (Cystophora cristata) platelets
Authors: Miller, J. A., & Ronald, K.

Aquatic Mammals16(3), 134-138
The suckling of a bottlenose dolphin calf (Tursiops truncatus) by a foster mother, and information on transverse birth bands
Authors: Kastelein, R. A., Dokter, T., & Zwart, P.

Aquatic Mammals16(3), 139-144
Some characteristics of hearing of the Brazilian manatee, Trichechus inunguis
Authors: Klishin, V. O., Pezo Diaz, R., Popov, V. V., & Supin, A. Ya.

Aquatic Mammals16(3), 145-155
The use of computed tomography in cetacean research Airsac determination of Lagenorhynchus albirostris; Part 1
Authors: Brouwers, M. E. L., Kamminga, C., Klooswijk, A. I. J., & Terry, R. P.

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