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Volume 24

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Aquatic Mammals, Volume 24(1), 1-11
Diving behavior and foraging ecology of female southern elephant seals from Patagonia
Authors: Campagna, C., Quintana, F., Le Boeuf, B. J., Blackwell, S., & Crocker, D. E.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 24(1), 13-20
EEG study of hearing in the common dolphin, Delphinus delphis
Authors: Popov, V. V., & Klishin, V. O.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 24(1), 21-25
Sightings and strandings of beaked whales on the west coast of Canada
Authors: Willis, P. M., & Baird, R. W.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 24(1), 27-40
Social familiarity influences whistle acoustic structure in adult female bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)
Authors: McCowan, B., Reiss, D., & Gubbins, C.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 24(1), 41-50
Behaviour of cetaceans in the northern Gulf of Mexico relative to survey ships and aircraft
Authors: Würsig, B., Lynn, S. K., Jefferson, T. A., & Mullin, K. D.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 24(1), 51-61
A survey of acoustic harassment device (AHD) use in the Bay of Fundy, NB, Canada
Authors: Johnston, D. W., & Woodley, T. H.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 24(2), 63-69
Underwater hearing sensitivity of a Pacific white-sided dolphin, Lagenorhynchus obliquidens
Authors: Tremel, D. P., Thomas, J. A., Ramirez, K. T., Dye, G. S., Bachman, W. A., Orban, A. N., et al.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 24(2), 71-81
Prolific body scars and collapsing dorsal fins on killer whales (Orcinus orca) in New Zealand waters
Author: Visser, I. N.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 24(2), 83-91
Microanatomy of the marsupium, juveniles, eggs and cuticle of cyamid ectoparasites (Crustacea, Amphipoda) of whales
Authors: Pfeiffer, C. J., & Viers, V.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 24(2), 93-104
Range and sociability of a solitary bottlenose dolphin Tursiops truncatus in New Zealand
Authors: Müller, M., Battersby, M. Z., Buurman, D., Bossley, M., & Duak, W.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 24(2), 105-116
Abundance, distribution, and behavior of the southern sea otter (Enhydra lutris nereis) in a California estuary
Author: Feinholz, D. M.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 24(2), 117-122
Killer whale (Orcinus orca) sightings and depredation on tuna and swordfish longline catches in southern Brazil
Authors: Secchi, E. R., & Vaske Jr., T.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 24(2), 123-132
Baiji (Lipotes vexillifer) in the lower Yangtze River: Movements, numbers, threats, and conservation needs
Authors: Zhou, K., Sun, J., Gao, A., & Würsig, B.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 24(3), 75-83
The development of suckling behavior in two captive-born calves of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)
Authors: Triossi, F., Pace, D. S., Terranova, M. L., & Renzi, P.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 24(3), 85-90
Flipping sand in elephant seals
Authors: Lewis, M. N., & Campagna, C.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 24(3), 91-110
The behaviour of Hong Kong’s resident cetaceans: The Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin and the finless porpoise
Author: Parson, E. C. M.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 24(3), 111-116
Brain growth patterns in the La Plata River dolphin
Author: Marino, L.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 24(3), 117-128
Habitat use by the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) in the Sado estuary, Portugal
Author: Harzen, S.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 24(3), 129-142
Contact behavior and signal exchange in Atlantic spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis)
Author: Dudzinski, K. M.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 24(3), 143-147
Matrix photo-identification technique applied in studies of free-ranging bottlenose and humpback dolphins
Authors: Karczmarski, L., & Cockcroft, V. G.