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Volume 12

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Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(1), 1
Editorial – Barcelona Symposium
Author: Manton, V. J. A.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(1), 3-16
The history and behaviour of a wild, sociable bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) off the north coast of Cornwall
Authors: Lockyer, C., & Morris, R. J.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(1), 17-20
The nutrition of acclimated vs. newly captured Tursiops truncatus
Authors: Cates, M. B., & Schroeder, J. P.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(1), 21-24
A project to translocate the Baiji, Lipotes vexillifer , from the main-stream of the Yangtze River to Tongling Baiji Semi-nature Reserve
Author: Kaiya, Z.

Aquatic Mammals
, Volume 12(1), 25-27
Note on the occurrence of Spondylitis deformans in a sample of harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena (L.)) taken in Danish waters
Author: Kinze, C. C.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(2), 29
Editorial – Cetaceans in Captivity and the British Government
Author: Manton, V. J. A.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(2), 31-34
News – Status of and care for captive cetaceans in 1986

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(2), 35-39
The Fourteenth Symposium of the European Association for Aquatic Mammals – Barcelona, Spain, March 1986

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(2), 40-42
Marine Mammal Research Opportunities in Oceanariums, Aquariums, Marine Parks and Zoos
Author: Powell, B. A.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(2), 43-48
A plan for the reintroduction of the monk seal (Monachus monachus) in the Archipelago of Cabrera (Balearis Islands, Spain)
Author: Avella, F. J.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(2), 49-51
The monk seal, Monachus monachus, Herman 1779 on the west African coasts
Author: Maigret, J.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(2), 52-60
Investigations on cetacean sonar VII: Underwater sounds of Neophocaena phocaenoides of the Japanese coastal population
Authors: Kamminga, C., Kataoka, T., & Engelsma, F. J.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(2), 61-64
The Purkinje fibers in the heart of the common seal Phoca vitulina vitulina (Linnaeus, 1758), the Baikal seal Pusa sibirica (Gmelin, 1788), the fur seal Arctocephalus australis (Zimmerman, 1782), the harbour porpoise Phocoena phocoena (Linneaus, 1758) and the white-beaked dolphin Lagenorhynchus albirostris (Gray, 1846)
Author: van Nie, C. J.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(3), 65
Editorial – EAAM meeting in Brussels
Author: Manton, V. G. A.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(3), 66-67

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(3), 68
‘Fineness’ ratio in cetaceans
Authors: Casinos, A., Bou, J., & Filella, S.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(3), 69-70
The breeding of dolphins in captivity in Barcelona Zoo
Authors: Filella, S., Luera, M., & Costa, F.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(3), 71-79
The behaviour and trainability of Sotalia fluviatilis in captivity: A survey
Authors: Terry, R. P.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(3), 80-82
Pre- and post-natal behavioural problems of a Tursiops female conceived in the ocean
Author: Smolders, J.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(3), 83-86
Neonatal activity in two Indian Ocean bottlenose dolphins bred in captivity
Authors: Thurman, G. D., & Williams, M. C.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(3), 87-91
Haematological changes in two Lagenorhynchus obscurus treated with Ketoconazole
Authors: Fothergill, M., & Jogessar, V. B.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(3), 92-94
The sinuatrial node and its adjacent autonomous ganglia cells in aquatic mammals (A morphological approach)
Author: van Nie, C. J.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 12(3), 95-102
Topographic distribution of sizes and density of ganglion cells in the retina of a porpoise, Phocoena phocoena
Authors: Mass, A. M., Supin, A. Ya., & Severtsov, A. N.