Instructions to authors

Please note there have been some format changes since volume 29 year 2003.

I. Cover Letter

A cover letter must accompany the submission that clearly states the material has not been published elsewhere and the address, telephone & fax numbers, and e-mail address of the corresponding author. It is the responsibility of the author to keep in touch with the Editor about changes in contact information.




  1. Format

    1. Manuscript must be presented as a Microsoft Word or WordPerfect file(s)

a. Do not submit manuscripts as a .PDF file

b. If all figures and tables are in electronic format the entire manuscript can be submitted through:


2. E-mail to the Editor

    1. Manuscripts submitted for publication in final form should be:

a. Submitted in triplicate

b. Printed on one side of the paper

c. Double spaced with broad margins

    1. Both long and short articles must have all major headings


  1. Peer Review

    1. Papers reporting original research conducted on aquatic mammals will be considered for publication by the Editor, Editorial Board, & suitable reviewers based on scientific merit

    2. Each manuscript will be reviewed by two external reviewers and the Editor. If there is disagreement between reviewers, the manuscript will be submitted to a third external reviewer

    3. Papers should not be concurrently submitted to another journal nor previously published, either wholly or in part


  1. Correspondence

    1. Consultation with the Editor at an early stage of manuscript preparation advisable when:

a. The subject matter makes it difficult to follow any of the instructions

b. The printed paper will exceed 25 pages

    1. More detailed directions for preparing manuscripts will be provided upon request

    2. Correspondence is greatly facilitated if the author provides a fax number, a telephone number, and an e-mail address


III. Publication

A. Proofs

1. A single hard copy and a disk copy of the revised manuscript is needed for publication

2. The Editor will return reviews and format changes to the first author, who should revise the article in a timely manner and submit the manuscript, figures, & tables by e-mail or by mail

3. Proofs will be faxed or e-mailed to the first author; they must be corrected without delay and corrections returned to the Editor by fax or e-mail

B. Required Charges

1. 41 USD per black and white galley-proof page. A galley-proof page is roughly equivalent to 2.5 manuscript pages (double space, Times 12 pt font), not including figures or tables.

2. 48 USD per color galley-proof page for the online edition with the print edition appearing in black and white or 96 USD per color galley-proof page appearing in both print and online edition

3. 75 USD to place the article online with Ingenta and ProQuest.

4. A bill for the publication fee and the online charge will be sent to the first author along with the page proofs

C. Reprints

1. Authors will receive a .PDF of their published article for their free use to make reprints

2. Reprints, a whole issue in which an article is published, or a CD of the whole volume are available as additional purchases

3. An order form for reprints, a whole issue, or a CD version will be sent to the first author along with the page proofs

4. The first author will receive reprints if requested and prepaid and will be responsible for distributing them among coauthors


IV. Copyright

Upon publication, the copyright passes to the journal. Permission must be obtained from the Editor to reprint an article or a part of an article published in Aquatic Mammals.