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Six issues per year online subscription. Articles are searchable, ADA compatible, and printable from the web page. Subscriber are notified by e-mail when new issue is available online. Please see our Online Subscription FAQ page for more info on the subscription process.

Libraries: Please note that through purchase of an online subscription, your institution agrees the following:

(a.) An authorized user is a librarian at a library that subscribes to Aquatic Mammals, a card-carrying patron of a public library, an employee or student of a university, or an employee of an institution with a library that subscribes to Aquatic Mammals.

(b.) An authorized user is NOT a "walk in user", which can obtain access to Aquatic Mammals through a public computer at a library.

(c.) A university library can provide off campus access to authorized users through a secured network.

(d.) Libraries can not obtain a copy of an article in Aquatic Mammals, then distribute to other sources via Inter-library loan. Instead, users at other locations must subscribe to Aquatic Mammals online version.

(e.) Once a library subscribes to the online version of Aquatic Mammals, they have access to back issues online starting in 2003. The library will have access to the articles during the years they have paid for online access, but access will be denied during years that the subscription is not renewed.

Duration: 1 year
Price: $358.00


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