Historical Perspectives Volume II - individual DVDs

Historical Perspectives Volume II - individual DVDs
$14.99 each
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In 2008, Aquatic Mammals Journal launched a series titled Historical Perspectives in which esteemed colleagues provide a written essay of their perspective in a field related to marine mammal studies and are interviewed for a DVD record. The essays appear as articles in Aquatic Mammals, and DVDs are available for purchase on the Aquatic Mammals website.

Volume II features interviews with: Whitlow Au, Robert Brownell, Roger Gentry, Toshio Kasuya, Darlene Ketten, Christina Lockyer, Helene Marsh, Lee Miller, Nobuyuki Miyazaki, Patrick Moore, Paul Nachtigall, Yasuhiko Naito, Katherine Ralls, Ron Schusterman, and Jack Terhune.


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