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This summary video is a compilation of interview clips from six noted scientists involved in the study or care of marine mammals. Each interviewee participated in a conversation for Aquatic Mammals' journal's Historical Perspective series. In this summary, each contributor shares a message about science communication and why it is important.

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Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(1), 1
Author: Manton, V.J.A.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(1), 2-3
News and Views

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(1), 4
Book Review: Marine Mammals of Australasia
Author: Greenwood, A.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(1), 5-11
Educating a wild dolphin
Author: St. John, P.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(1), 12-19
Observations on the distribution and behavior of Dall's porpoise (Phocoenoides dalli) in. Monterey Bay, California
Author: Jefferson, T.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(1), 20-30
Swimming, diving, and respiration of a Northern bottlenose whale (Hyperoodon ampullatus, Forester, 1770)  
Author: Kastelein, R.A., Gerrits, N.M

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(1), 31-36
Cetaceans with two dorsal fins
Author: Raynal, M., Sylvestre, J.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(1), 37-41
A survey of management practices for dolphin pregnancy - with two examples of birth complications
Author: Lacave, G.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(1), 42-51
The suckling period of a Grey Seal (Halichoerus grypus) while the mother had access to a pool.
Author: Kastelein, R.A., Wiepkema, P.R., Vaughan, N.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(2), 53-56
Editorial, Erratum, News and Views, 

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(2), 57-60
Executive Summary of the Workshop on the Mortality of Cetaceans in Passive Fishing Nets and Traps

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(2), 61-66
The Nineteenth Symposium of the European Association for Aquatic Mammals - Riccone, Italy - 15th to 18th March, 1991

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(2), 67-70
Notes on cetacea observed in the Polish Baltic Sea: 1979-1990
Author: Skóra, K. E.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(2), 71-75
Serum alkaline phosphatase - changes in relation to state of health and age of dolphins
Authors: Fothergill, M. B., Schwegman, C. A., Garratt, P. A., Govender, A., & Robertson, W. D

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(2), 76-87
The food consumption of Southern elephant seals (Mirounga leonina)
Authors: Kastelein, R. A., Kershaw, J., & Wiepkema, P. R.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(2), 88-90
Rate of post mortem temperature los in a striped dolphin (Stenella coeruleoalba)
Author: Cockcroft, V. G.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(2), 91-97
Distribution and behaviour of Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus) in Prince William Sound, Alaska, June 1989
Authors: Kastelein, R. A., & Weltz, F. C.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(3), 99-102
Editorial, erratum, Book Review, News and Views

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(3), 103-119
The diary of a wild, solitary, Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus), resident off Amble on the north Notherumberland coast of England, from April 1987 to January 1991
Author: Bloom, P.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(3), 120-124
Interactions between boats and bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, in the entrance to Ensenada de la Paz, Mexico
Author: Acevedo, A.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(3), 125-129
An attempt to establish a feeding station for bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) on Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia
Authors: Green, A., & Corkeron, P. J.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(3), 130-133
Acoustic signals of the Vaquita (Phocoena sinus)
Author: Silber, G. K.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(3), 134-136
Prey of humpback dolphins (Sousa plumbea) stranded in eastern Cape Province, South Africa
Authors: Barros, N. B., & Cockcroft, V. G.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(3), 137-147
Behavior and movements of bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, in the entrance to Ensenada de la Paz, Mexico
Author: Acevedo, A.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(3), 148-151
Preliminary observations on bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, at Isla del Coco, Costa Rica
Authors: Acevedo, A., & Würsig, B.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(3), 152-155
Testosterone profiles in male grey seals (Halichoerus grypus)
Authors: Seely, A. J., & Ronald, K.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(3), 156-180
The anatomy of the Walrus head (Odobenus rosmarus) Part 2: Description of the muscles and of their role in feeding and haul-out behaviour
Authors: Kastelein, R. A., Gerrits, N. M., & Dubbeldam, J. L.

Aquatic Mammals, Volume 17(3), 181-183
New advances on population status and protective measures of Lipotes vexillifer and Neophocaena phocaenoides in the Changjiang River
Author: Renjun, L.


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