Frequently Asked Questions



Q. How frequently is Aquatic Mammals published?
A.  6 times per year online, mailed three times a year in hard copy double issues

Q.  What is the impact factor for Aquatic Mammals?
A.  Aquatic Mammals impact factor for 2017 is 1.0, ourr h-index = 16; g-index = 21; AW-index = 14.33.  Compare these values to other mammalian science journals at this link.

You can find more details for Aquatic Mammals impact factor over the years at this link, and scroll to the graph lower on the page.

Q.   How many issues of Aquatic Mammals are available online?
A.  All issues of Aquatic Mammals from Volume 1 in 1972 through the present are available online at the Aquatic Mammals website.


Q.  May I purchase a single print issue?
A.  Absolutely. Check out our archives for pricing and ordering information.

Q.  I need a copy of only one Aquatic Mammals manuscript.  How can I receive/purchase it?
A.  All articles appearing in the journal starting with Volume 1 (1972) through Volume 28 (2002) are available for free download; please see our archives. Articles are available as PDFs. Articles appearing in Volume 29 (2003) to the present are available to our subscribers via our archives as well. Non-subscribers may also purchase single articles from Volume 29 onwards on directly from the Aquatic Mammals website, or whole volumes and issues by browsing our archives.

Q.  I have never received issue #___ in the mail.
A.  Standard mail (especially sent outside of North America) can take 3-4 weeks.  Please contact Aquatic Mammals (attn: Kathleen Dudzinski or Gina Colley, if you believe you are outside of this window.

Q. How do I get an online subscription to Aquatic Mammals?
A. Click here for complete instructions for subscribing to Aquatic Mammals online.

Q. Will I have online access to all issues of Aquatic Mammals?
A. The Aquatic Mammals Web site contains all articles appearing in Aquatic Mammals starting with Volume 29, Number 1 (1 January 2003) to the present. As a subscriber, you will have access to all articles in this time period.  All articles appearing in the journal starting with Volume 1 (1972) through Volume 28 (2002) are available for free download; please see our archives.

Q.  How do I provide information to prove I am a student in order to get a student subscription?
A. After you purchase your subscription form our Subscription Page, you will be asked (via email) to upload a scanned copy or photograph of your student ID (as an image file or PDF). After we’ve received a copy of the ID, we will activate your online subscription, or confirm your CD or hardcopy subscription. If you have any questions about this process, please contact the journal.

Q.  I have never received or lost my username/password.
A. Please click on one of these links for information on recovering lost information:

Q.  Can I pay for my subscription with my American Express® card?
A.  Yes, we use PayPal to process credit cards, and are able to accept American Express® as payment for a subscription.


Q.   I submitted my manuscript/revisions several weeks ago and have not heard anything.  What is the status of my manuscript?
A.  You can track the status of your manuscript (submitted from January 2009 onwards) by logging in to your account on FastTrack. If you do not have your account information, please contact our Managing Editor (Kathleen Dudzinski – to recover your login information.

Q.   If I submit my manuscript electronically, do I need to send a hard copy in the mail?
A.   No hard copy is necessary, unless there are figures and tables that did not properly transmit electronically.

Q.   Do I need permission from the Editors to reprint part or all of my article?
A.   To use any part of your article in another publication (e.g., figures), please contact the editors for permission and details. You are free to distribute the author-copy, in-press PDF of your article via direct response to emails. Please do not post the ADA PDF or in-press PDF of your article in Aquatic Mammals to any website that allows free download, unless you have selected the Hybrid Open Access option during publication.

Q.   Can color photos or figures be published in Aquatic Mammals?
A.   Yes, but the Editor will obtain a price quotation from the printer and the authors are expected to pay the entire cost for color printing materials.