June 13, 2024

Historical Perspectives: Shoulders


Bernd Würsig


Abstract: There were several wonderful figurative shoulders that lent inspiring views to my life. A select few belong to, in order of appearance, my papa Gerhard Würsig, Roy Tassava of Ohio State University, Charlie Walcott of Cornell University, Roger Payne then of Rockefeller University, and Ken Norris of University of California Santa Cruz. The shoulder that has been ever-present these past 50 years is that of my wife, Melany Carballeira Würsig. I thank them all. For you readers who may be in your approaching twilight years, I suspect you have similar mentors on whose shoulders you have relied for your own successes. If you are yet young (you lucky devils!), you will appreciate those shoulders ever more as time progresses all too rapidly. Let us now hope that the persons we have relied on will engender ever more shoulders to be relied on, of each gender, race, background, and belief relative to what culture, science, education, and philosophies of humanity may have to offer.
Document: Historical Perspectives
Page Numbers: 745-768


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