June 20, 2024

In Memoriam: Jeanette A. Thomas Followed by Memories from Jeanette’s Family and Colleagues


Robert M. Timm et al.


Editor’s Note: This tribute to Dr. Jeanette Thomas is presented first with a brief biography that lets the reader know about her diverse skill set and expertise, as well as her approach to science and the collection and sharing of knowledge. Her biography is followed by shared memories and contributions from her family, friends, and numerous colleagues who fondly remember Jeanette and share what she meant to their lives. These contributions were compiled by the team Jeanette assembled at Aquatic Mammals journal.

Please visit the Supplemental Material page on the website to watch two videos of Jeanette from her participation in the journal’s Historical Perspectives series.

Also, Jeanette’s publication list can be accessed at this link.

Document: Tribute
Page Numbers: 459-468


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