June 17, 2024

A Case Study of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia in a Juvenile Striped Dolphin (Stenella coeruleoalba)


Ronald A. Kastelein, Marieke F. van Dooren, and Dick Tibboel


Abstract: Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) was observed in a stranded juvenile male striped dolphin. The 2- to 3-y-old animal had survived with its stomachs and intestines in the thoracic cavity, which had caused a large size difference between its two lungs. The animal also had a relatively small penis. The animal’s combination of anomalies was either due to a genetic syndrome or caused by maternal exposure to toxic agents.

Key Words: striped dolphin, Stenella coeruleoalba, congenital, CDH, hernia diaphragmatica, PCB

Document Type: Research article

DOI: 10.1578/AM.35.1.2009.32

Page Numbers: 32-35

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