June 17, 2024

Historical Perspectives Volume IX – individual DVDs



In 2008, Aquatic Mammals Journal launched a series titled Historical Perspectives in which esteemed colleagues provide a written essay of their perspective in a field related to marine mammal studies and are interviewed for a video record. The essays appear as articles in Aquatic Mammals, and DVDs are available for purchase on the Aquatic Mammals website.

Volume IX features interviews with: Kim Terrell, Robert Pitman, Lisa Ballance, James “Buddy” Powell, William Winhall, Steve McCulloch, and Rae Stone. Three summary videos are also included with year 9 of the Historical Perspectives Series: Summary – From the Archives, Early Research; Summary – What students should know about Marine Mammal History; and Summary – Animal Welfare 2018. Year 9 videos are now available. You can order an individual DVD from Volume IX or order the complete set for Volume IX.

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