February 27, 2024

Further Notes on the Early Nomenclature of Small Cetaceans


Carl C. Kinze and Thomas A. Jefferson


Document: Report

Abstract: The original descriptions of nine monodontid and 21 delphinid nominal taxa were revisited, thereby revealing necessary addenda and corrigenda elucidating and solving earlier problems of cetacean nomenclature. This report provides further notes and is an addition to the 2021 work of Jefferson entitled Nomenclature of the Dolphins, Porpoises, and Small Whales: A Review and Guide to the Early Taxonomic Literature (NOAA Professional Paper NMFS 21).

Key Words: nomenclature, addenda, corrigenda, Monodontidae, Delphinidae

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1578/AM.49.5.2023.480

Page Numbers: 480-490

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