In 2008, Aquatic Mammals Journal launched a series titled Historical Perspectives in which esteemed colleagues provide a written essay of their perspective in a field related to marine mammal studies and are interviewed for a DVD record. The essays appear as articles in Aquatic Mammals, and DVDs are available for purchase on the Aquatic Mammals website (below and on left sidebar). All transactions are handled securely through PayPal - you do not need a PayPal account to order; PayPal accepts all major credit cards. PayPal adheres to international PCI (payment card industry) compliance standards for data security.


Volume I features interviews with: Kenneth Balcomb, William Evans, Robert Gisiner, Robert Hofman, Gerald Kooyman, Bruce Mate, Daniel Odell, William Karen Pryor, Sam Ridgway, John Reynolds, Victor B. Scheffer, William Perrin, Tavolga, Bernd Würsig, and Randall Wells. You can order an individual DVD from Volume I or order the complete set for Volume I.

Volume II features interviews with: Whitlow Au, Robert Brownell, Roger Gentry, Toshio Kasuya, Darlene Ketten, Christina Lockyer, Helene Marsh, Lee Miller, Nobuyuki Miyazaki, Patrick Moore, Paul Nachtigall, Yasuhiko Naito, Katherine Ralls, Ron Schusterman, and Jack Terhune. You can order an individual DVD from Volume II or order the complete set for Volume II.

Volume III features interviews with: Christopher Clark, Carleton Ray and Joseph Geraci, Louis Herman, Burney LeBoeuf, R.H. Defran, Ian Boyd, Steven Swartz, Søren Andersen, Sidney Holt, and two summary DVDs - Advice to Students and Career Journeys. You can order an individual DVD from Volume III or order the complete set for Volume III.

Volume IV features interviews with: Andrew Greenwood, Ron Kastelein, Teun Dokter, Peter Bloom, Pedro Lavia, Stuart Moore, Vera da Silva, Kit Kovacs, Reg & Margaret Bloom, and Daryl Domning, as well as two summary DVDs - Stories from the Field and Changes in the Marine Mammal Field . Year 4 DVDs will be available in June 2012. You can order an individual DVD from Volume IV or order the complete set for Volume IV.

Volume V features interviews with: Jay Sweeney, Daniel Cowan, J. Larry Dunn, Michael Scott, Terrie Williams, Barbara Taylor, Pieter Folkens, David Taylor and Hardy Jones, as well as three summary DVDs. The summary DVDs include 1) Significant Issues Currently Facing Marine Mammals, 2) Thoughts on the Marine Mammal Protection Act, and 3) Tribute to Absent Friends. You can order an individual DVD from Volume V or order the complete set for Volume V.

Volume VI features interviews with: Roger Payne, Richard Sears, Claudio Campagna, Jeanette Thomas, Kenneth Ramirez, Jay Barlow, Annelisa Berta, Daniel Costa, Jim Estes and Aleta Hohn. A two-part summary DVD includes samples from each of the 12 interviewed women scientists in the HP series in celebration of the journal's 40th Anniversary. Year 6 DVDs are now available. You can order an individual DVD from Volume VI or order the complete set for Volume VI.

Watch excerpts from the interviews from Volumes I, II, III, IV, V, and VI.

Links to the interviewee's personal essays are included below

Evans, W. E. (2008). A short history of the Navy's marine mammal program. Aquatic Mammals, 34, 367-380.

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Watch a compilation of marine mammal scientists interviewed for Aquatic Mammal Journal's Historical Perspectives series discuss how climate change may be affecting marine mammals

Aquatic Mammals Historical Perspectives from Aquatic Mammals on Vimeo.


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